Remember that old game of PONG, ever wondered what more balls would have done?

I Dont Even Game

I Dont Even Game
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Description:  Well its a first for me, where the whole aim of the game is to go continually right…and be instructed in lolspeak. Hmm…my patience stopped when it asked me to say yeh alphabet backwards okey? Honestly took me forever, I bet a 10 year old could have done it faster than me. *sob sob* Great game though…worth giving it a go atleast :) Currently stuck on the GREY page. Any ideas?
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how do you get past the grate bit i keep loosing the key lol help
girl 123
how do get through th part with the it possible?
how do you get past the part with the baby
55- got it!!!1!! its up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a 58- press Ctrl button 62- wait, egg ad here. 63- y,n,n,y,y,y,y,n,n,n 71- just go i am still stuck on the core. i have codes, but don\'t work for me. here: code 1 : nchsbdfviqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv code 2 : hchsbdfuiqwibdaksbcxbyoqv post if you get it right, plz.
here\'s a guide. lvl 5 - press A 14- wait, egg ad here. either just go (dud bomb) or press Q 16- just do backwards alphabet. 17- wait, egg ad here. either go, or wait. wait= get the salmon 19-29-- just keep going (: 30- run your fingers across the keyboard 33- press 4 36- press Q 40- just wait awhile. don\'t move 44- tiptoe past, go VERY SLOW 45- press i,r,o. wait till he talks bout a drunk sailor. 50- press the ! 51- run across keyboard. 55- sry, that\'s as far as i have gotten. i will repost as soon as i figure it out.
Honestly Frederic, if you type \'dark\' you can continue walking! Iv completed it and it takes a long time after the grey page, and tbh its a bit disappointing once you have finished. There is no sense of achievement...
reply to the description: type grey or gray duno which one. have fun
Stuck at the king Hint: on the grey screen, there is another door that requires A key, not an key
stuck on the gray stage :(
whoop whoop first comment
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