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Hello folks!

If you are on tumblr, we want to know - and hopefully we can follow each other and share even more funny pictures and videos and games.

Its better than I thought it would be, the community on tumblr are great - and an even bigger plus means that we can post alot more new and fresh content!

Please do pop along and have a browse at the new creative videos and many entertaining pictures that are up already.

Through Charity Water we’re raising awareness for people to access to clean water for every game played.

Why Water?

Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It’s a crisis because it only starts with water — but water affects everything in life.

Health. Education. Food security. The lives of women, especially.

We can end the water crisis in our lifetime. But first we have to let everyone know it’s happening. Learn how Water Changes Everything — and share this with everyone you know.
Just think of the benefits. No more anxious hours sitting at the computer endlessly pressing the refresh key, craving the next Video, Game or even Picture to appear.

Now you can be in the comforts of facebook and we will notify you of the next coolest game I have conjured out of my magical party hat. (I dont have a party hat...but if I did own one, I would totally wear it ALL THE TIME!)

Oooh I have located wondrous facts, so when I am bored I will occasionally enlighten your feeds with brain food :)

Did you know, a chameleons tongue is twice the length of its body, and your hair grows faster in the morning than any other time of day.

Just to tickle your brainbuds :P

Oops forgot to say...to LIKE the Page either click the title or click the Like at the top of the page!
FINALLY the VIDEOS are BACK! Posted: 2010-06-26
Oh how I have had my fair share of sleepless nights tossing and turning, from side to side, hoping that one day soon New Videos will surprise me on SpudMud. By that previous sentence is what all of you who check here for updates should be thinking ;)

Well not to fear, now that I am free again for the summer, I can slog away at finding and adding new Videos. In fact just tonight I have prepared 73 selected videos, with many more to do over the next few days. I have ADDED 4 NEW VIDEOS to kick start things again!!

The videos are now ALOT better Quality and cover a WIDE RANGE of Areas, some Funny, some Sporty, some soo Interesting that your MIND will be BLOWN AWAY at the stuff that ordinary people do in their free time.

I hope that your havent given up on SpudMud just yet, I certainly havent. Over the next few months I will be working on adding New Flash Games, Pictures, Videos and Animations REGULARY. You read that RIGHT- SpudMud.com will soon be updated with something New EVERYDAY.

Check back, and now seeing as its becoming a catch phrase of mine on the Games Descriptions - Enjoy! :)
Happy New Year Everyone! Posted: 2010-01-03
I hope you all had great breaks over the Christmas to New Year holidays. Maybe you splashed out to go somewhere warm / cold, or stayed relaxing at home (if in the UK, then we were VERY cold.)

Actually I hear the 'Big Freeze' of UK is nothing in comparison to some parts of the USA...the English just dont seem to handle the cold very well. Personally I can never get bored of the Snow, one day make a Snowman, or even an ARMY of Snowmen or create an Igloo (to hopefully hold more than one person) - currently my record is one Igloo extended with another..to house three people (one person sitting in one hut, another in the other, and the last one squished in the tunnel linking them together) Who knows what the next Big Snowfall will bring.

I've gone well off topic, I do apologise ;)
This year we should see a total revamp of the SpudMud design, which hopefully you all will like :)
Just thought I will welcome you to SpudMud.com!

SpudMud's content is found by scouring the Internet for the Best Videos, Flash Games, and hopefully Funny or Somewhat Interesting Pictures :P

We try to keep the content fresh and new, so every day you should find at least one new thing added, be that a Funny Video or Picture; maybe even a great Flash Game which would give hours of entertainment! *fingers crossed* [Otherwise I feel I have failed as a website owner]

Enjoy SpudMud.com :)

Watch this space for Funny Jokes and Stories in the future... [Acquiring has already Begun] :D
The 300th Game Reached! Posted: 2009-05-22
Dear Visitors,
If you are a keen bean fan who checks back every day (or even twice a day!) or just an occasional visitor, we hope you have enjoyed each and every update as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.
We have changed alot in the first 300 additions of 'handsurfed' games and are sure there will be some interesting new changes in the next 300.
Currently we have been doing a few tweaks here and there to the design. Can you see at the top of the page...the RED text? I have written a few short funny lines, links to games, and even the odd picture and video in the future. All the ones I put up there are my personal favourites, and I hope you would agree with at least a few of them :P

Thanks again for using SpudMud and check back soon for more Flash Games, Videos and Pictures :)

SpudMud Team
The answer is Yes :)

We have recently been acquiring games which YOU have suggested for us to find, here is a few from the list. (Some I added a few days ago)

Simple Fast loading games: Throw Paper, BowMan, FL Tron.
Physics games: Ragdoll Cannon, Super Stacker, Scriball, Brick Yard and Meeblings.
Sports and Skill: Flash III and Sprint Race 3D.

The latest was a suggestion for more Tower Defence games so I have supplied the suggester with the game: "The Commanders Sister". Hope you like it :)

REMEMBER these GAMES have been SUBMITTED by you guys so keep it up. If enough submissions I may be able to add a game every 24 hours!
The next few suggestions are: MORE Physics games, Sport/Racing and a few Two Player games.

SpudMud Team