How good is your Dodging skills? Try not to crash your car!


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Game Information
Description:  Start off in the school child 100m sprint. If you are good enough soon you will be able to race in the Olympics. The experts progress to the Inter-galactic races. Getting the timing right is crucial, as I have fallen before the line too often!
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Jonny Jones
I had a great experience playing this game, it takes gaming to another level. My record was 6.78 seconds, there is a little glitch to this game though what you do is when you load up the game, you have to click on the little red cross on the top right hand corner of your screen and it will make you get 6.78 seconds, try it and see what happens!
young swagger the truth
neither one of yal can run with me i\'ve beaten ths game atleast a hundred times sooooo i ran a 7.45 blew them out... record that will never be broken
my high score was 7.01!!
so awsome i beat the galaxy athletic by 6 seconds
omg i own everywere except galatic record 8.24 :(
record 7.45
Record 7.63 !!!!!!!!!!
I could never get the idiot to trip over the line until the galaxy one, the minute I pressed a key he fell over... twice
record 8.0
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