Just use your mouse in this game, if your in one of those lazy moods :)

Boxhead: 2Play

Boxhead: 2Play
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:  Shoot zombies and stay alive as long as possible. Has single player but you can also play with a friend in Coop (fight with your friend against the zombies) or Deathmatch (make your friend the enemy) mode. Collect as many weapons and power-ups along the way and always, always keep that multiplier up! You earn more weapons, or upgrades for your current weapons by increasing your multiplier.
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THis game is awesome we got lvl 22
my name is yaminur and right now i\'m playing boxhead
I tell you what this game is very annoying the angle you have to get to kill the - whatever they are- - is very ahrd to get as you seem to walk around when i would run and you seem to walk alot faster when you are at a diagonal. This game is poo. The dolphine game is better if you like this then you will loove the dolphin game much better basically your a dolphine and you just swim around but you can do tricks and by theway you have got a time limit so if i was you i would make the ost of it.
this is fun but i like black ops zombies better got to rond 20 on black ops zombies
good game i love it 1 player is good 2player is the best
Captain Beever Muz
Should make the game Online Multiplayer so you can play with friends
class get in there box head
Weed Man
Man this fun
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