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Big Red Button

Big Red Button
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:  You know you want to press it and once you start you cant stop! Do not worry the computer will try to stop you from pressing it using words, but you will keep on pressing the button, just to find out what happens next. I love the way that the game trys so many different ways but still fails!
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I couldn\'t stop clicking it, because it made the computer lady generator thingyy veryy mad...she said that she wanted to slap me.. )\': LOL
I found da white dot its when the button shuts up when u click it to the second frame when he shuts up go to the top left corner and its there! im so happy i found it!!!!!!! :):):)):):):):):)):):):):):)):):):)
i found the white button on the second blank screen go to the top left hand corner
grt game. i am still laughing! DO NOT FALL FOR THE WHITE BUTTON TRICK! you need 2 make a second one because this one is so funny! and, who made it? they really should get some better comments. not that i don\'t understand the others, it\'s just that a FUNNY game should get mostly good comments. i have one idea: make it that you can win somehow, no offence. i still like it. the darn computer likes to trick, i see. O[><] O[><]
this game is great! i did it like,20 times and its still funny! i found it at school and told my friends about it and gave them the address. They were laughing for a LONG time! the \"penguin\" part is is the best part, that i think! the best is that you don\'t win, but the computer doesn\'t either. it just tries to stop you form pressing the Big Red Button. never ends. NEEDS 2 B A 2ND ONE! ...........WHERE IS THE WHITE BUTTON?!?! it\'s tricking me, isn\'t it?!?
It sorta finishes it restarts lol I have too much free time
i hope the creators of this game get a life seriously why wud u make a game with no ending i hate u really i do lots of love robbin bast
There Is No White Button !
omg thats my comment the one right below this one i feel special
i couldnt stop clicking the button O.o i think im adicted
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