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SWAT 2 : Tactical Sniper

SWAT 2 : Tactical Sniper
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:   As a tactical sniper pro you have to carry out some widely differing missions in the shooter game SWAT 2 and reading the briefings is paramount as without you might harm innocent civilians! By playing the training level all the hints, tips and cheats will be told to you, so dont go skipping it; also you may end up failing lots and lots of times :P
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how the hell do you do mission 8? anywhere i shoot on chang it either dosent count or apparently kills the other one aswell
every time i finish lvl 18, it brings me back to lvl 16...
Mission 3: Shoot the hostage, reveals the padlock, shoot to break, then the hostage is seen and you shoot the hand cuffs to release him :) Dont forget the cash in the boxes on the roof.
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