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Hex Empire

Hex Empire
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:   LOVE IT! To play the game you have to choose your country by clicking on one of the four capital cities. To choose another map enter the map number into the window on the top of the screen and press the CHANGE MAP button or the RANDOM MAP button. Move your armies and try to capture enemy capitals. You have 5 moves per turn, but can only move a single army once per turn. If you lose your own capital the game is over. More detailed instructions are available in-game.
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i won as the red on 444572 in 44 turns
Love it! I beat number 29 on hard in 62 turns!
The game is awesome! I beat map number 29 in 63 turns on hard
I beat map 444572 on hard in 22 turns on the hardest capital, with Blue signing a pact
Conquered Map: Nr. 510081 in 77 turns!!! My first game first win!!!
Conquered map Nr. 619715 in 36 turns
Conquered Map: Nr. 771547 in 76 turns :)
Conquered Map: 562198 88 turns
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