Best Zombie flash game I have EVER played. Warning: Contains Violence PG 13 :P

Classroom 3

Classroom 3
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:  Your a student and you need to pass your exams, why not copy the geek in the class to pass. Find the geek, obtain answers but get back to your seat before the teacher spots you! The teacher moves around the class so you might have to obtain the answers in segments. Try not to get caught!
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This game could do with some more action in it. it gets boring after a while....... but the music is ok
on act 4 get the geeks answers before the teacher sits down, on act 3 the geek is in front of the class in the middle row on the left and on the next part he is sitting down reading a book in the hall
PASSWORDS geekfoundation = act 2 donalex = act 3 windowchecker = act 4 classroomrunner = act 5 psychedman = act 6 fisherlike = act 7 boycoot = act 8 cellularman = act 9 theexcuse = act 10 crash =act 11 yehheyyy i finished the game..........XD
The Geek
wat du u do for act 6? It\'s anoyin...
Easy Game, completed it XD
Bog tissue
any help on level 3 ? to find the geek where is he ? PLEASEE HELPPP:( x
Where are the instructions
act 4 is pathetic the teacher doesnt leave his seat or keep his eyes off the geek wtf
im really stuck on act 4
rookie =]
wait i have a question how do u selct the geek to cheet of his answers i tried clickin on him but it wont work lease help me!!
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