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Upgrade Complete

Upgrade Complete
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Game Information
Description:   Do you love upgrading junk? Well this games sole purpose is to upgrade. And I mean its SOLE purpose, cos EVERYTHING can be upgraded, including the Menu buttons, Game Graphics, and more. Later on in the game you can buy your own MUTE button! Absurd. How fast can you upgrade EVERYTHING?!
Weekly Hits: 1139 Total Hits: 7031
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Aww... i was close to beating the best time. I got 1398
925 seconds but didn\'t do all achievements
I see your point Elf, i think around round 10ish you start to have enough money for the necessary upgrades. At this point I think if your focus is to try and complete the final rounds and achievements as quick as possible to then get a lower time score. At the moment looks like 1364 is the one to beat.
All challenge disappears after you upgrade past a certain level, and the \"end\"...weak. I get the point, I just don\'t think it\'s that amusing.
1364 second run, but I got 110% completion (all achievements)
First time through, 2148 seconds Good find btw
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