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Palisade Guardian

Palisade Guardian
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:   Palisade Guardian is of the most intense flash games of 2009! Your mission in this World War II themed defence game is to survive the waves upon waves of German Nazis troops. Your structure must hold during the battle. Each wave will get tougher, so repair your defences and upgrade to stronger weaponry; such as the M1A1 Thompson and even a Bazooka of its time. TIP: keys UP / DOWN switch between weapons.
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yeah cool game please play it again this is a realy cool game
tbh, the bazooka is pretty disappointing. sure it totally destroyed everything near where u aim, but it takes ages 2 reload, so i only got 2 fire off like 5 shots (yes it took THAT long 2 reload) in the time it took for my house 2 be destroyed, from full health. ppl would be better off sticking with the browning machine gun...
I was about 2 rounds off getting the bazooka when the phone rang, and this game doesnt have a pause :(
Chris Maca (Formby)
It Won\'t Load. Annoyed It Doesn\'t Work.
Matt Penny
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!
SpudMud Team
Could those that cant play the game please give a teeny bit more info. For example; I cant see anything, or I cant play because the game loads but there is no menu, or all I see is a blank white / black box. The only thing I can think of at the moment is that your Flash player might be on an earlier version. This game requires 10. Unfortunately in most schools you cant update it yourself (but its worth a try). I hope someone tells me more. I hate to see you miss out on this game. I LOVE this one :D Waiting patiently...for now ;)
mine wont work i was looking forward 2 the game
the gamer
a bit hard but a fun game save for teh bigger guns
ged (of formby)
mine wont work either im anoyyed ill beat up some small unspecting penguin!
Jack of Formby
Mine wont work and i am bitterly dissapointed
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