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Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:  If you liked the physics destroying game Castle Clout but found it too hard (dont feel bad…because I found it impossible myself) you can try the catapults again but in a pimped up remake called Crush The Castle. There are a whole 25 levels to conquer and a Build Your Own Castle section. Last level was really tricky, even with the top weapon; 3 BOMBS hurtling at the walls. Finally did it, took plenty of attempts!
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Ape The Grape
lilpubu; i tried your castle and it is hard! i killed 12 people with 5 shots! nice job
Has anybody got any tips on castle 24, i\'m really stuck Thanks
try this castle and see if u can destroy it with 5 shots! 0~w_i:492.55,359.5|w_i:573.3,359.95|w_i:505.25,350.9|w_i:517.8,358.25|w_i:563.2,363.45|w_i:575.3,359.95|w_i:534.25,363|w_i:546.05,357.65|w_i:532.4,359.8|fl_w:689.75,269|fl_w:682.6,265.65|fl_w:682.7,255|fl_w:684.7,261.15|fl_w:685.3,268.75|fl_w:678.85,275.7|fl_w:673.85,285.65|fl_w:669.25,295|fl_w:686.7,248.35|w_i:779.35,364.1|w_i:749.05,366|w_i:768.1,355|w_i:776.95,356.85|w_i:755,364.25|w_i:768.9,359.25|w_i:775.75,355.25|w_i:754.3,359.95|p_t:638.1,218.65|p_t:747.45,218.6|c_k:650.65,388.1|c_q:882.2,388.4|c_q:985.65,385|w_i:502.6,237.7|w_i:551.25,237.15|w_i:532.35,235.65|w_i:511,228.3|w_i:509.3,110.9|w_i:528.35,112.6|w_i:530.1,112.2|w_i:437.95,362.4|w_i:473.7,359|w_i:456.35,362.3|w_i:461.65,363.05|fl_w:521.65,48.3|fl_w:524.05,14.25|fl_w:519,17.9|fl_w:521.3,28.3|fl_w:521.1,39|w_s:339.5,298.55|w_s:373.85,301.6|w_s:356.45,301|
NOOB 035
Well good news everyone! The school finally updated our flash server so its castle clout time. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOB 035
omfg i finished 22 with 1 shot i was about to crap myself :O
NOOB 035
Thankyou for the info! Most of your other games work on here so its no big problem. Looks like we\'ll have to wait for the IT department to update the Flash software... If i have any more problems or suggestions then i\'ll contact you sooner or later! Cheers, NOOB 035
SpudMud Team
Hello NOOB 035; I believe the problem is with the version of flash player that the school uses. If your version is not up to date enough then the game cannot load properly (latest version is 10 and the school your in probably uses 9 or even 8), most games will still work, but some of the latest ones with the new features might have this issue. Hope that answers your question :D In return if you guys/girls ever find any good games on other sites that you want to see on SpudMud juts fill out the SUBMIT form above :) Hope the other games on here still work for you :P
NOOB 035
This is a comment for the website administrators: I and my friends love this game CRUSH THE CASTLE but at our school we cant get on to it as it doesnt load properly. it just comes up with a blank black screen when we try to load it so we were wondering if there is a problem with your server or if the school just has a shitty server. Any feedback from other gamers would be great incase the administrators dont read this. I play this site daily so just reply when convinient. Cheers, NOOB 035 =)
Level 22: Using explosive tri-bombs take out the first two towers by hitting one volley on the 2nd tower, and as it crumbles it take the first with it. Now you got a clean shot at the main castle. Use all your last shots (4) to aim at the 1st floor wall, either the castle will crumble or the walls will shake soo much at the end that the people inside fall over. Hope this helped :)
help wanted
i am stuck on castle 22 anyone got any tips
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