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Description:   Think you were good at Maths? Actually a 5 year old could do this…only they may not know how to Bisect an angle :/ See how well you can line up the centre point by simply eyeballing it? Give it your best guess, and see how far off your viewpoint is from reality. Gives you the total score at the end, so keep going at it!
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6.51 lol i did ok
I got 3.16 :P i managed 2 get an \'accurate to 0 units\' on both finding the center of one of the circles, and also on one of the bisect an angle\'s. :D
Seth Arbinhghimre
Weird game. Score of 19.55
Daniel K
I love this game ;) Bisecting angle means getting the mid point equal distance is drawing a circle in the triangle so the edges of the circle touchs all three sides of the triangle and convergence is expanding the lines out for ever and clicking where they meet exactly, I got 1 three or four times as a score
Im not sure if its good or bad, but I got an Overall score: 5.77
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