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Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:  Really addicting RPG where you start as a ruler of a small town. Work your way across the land by taking over neighboring villages using brute force. Collect weapons, magical spells and equipment from your enemies and use them to take over the entire country!
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Luftrauser The Infection Battle Pong Tactical Assassin 2 Haunt the House Playing With Fire 2 Prince of War 1
This is the MOST addicting game Ive ever played and could be better RPG than the Fallout series
Black Ops
I can\'t stop playing this game its so addicting
The Master....
I beat the game in an hour and it was so easy i have 2,000 potions,2,567,897,929 gold pieces, and my golden hedgehog it damaged 367 every time. this is the most addicting computer game ever!! You should play it over the weekend if u have time.
Level 48 2 million gold 2100 potions lol I have Skills: Axe 2hand; Holy reincarnatio wolverine 10 Crossbow; Dead crossbow of thantanos 10 Katar; (not equipped) Assassin\'s might of thantanos 10 I have 15 stalkers taken over half the cities without losing a stalker the other half I got by myself
I beat the game and my dude was lv.44 and with 496,683 gold and 5million ppl. This is so addicting. this is the best computer game ever
The HomeRun King
this is the best game ever. and the easiest because after you die you can just go back to your old file before you died. i am @ lvl 48, the most i had before i got a huge and i mean huge army was 400k. i beat the last like ten cities without losing any soldiers
Game Tech
I Love This game so much cause it is so fun.
This game is awesome, i like how you can save it, not like storm the house 2 i like that game, but i hate how you have to like restart every time you play it.
This game is the most addicting and awesome game, i cant get enough
i like it but after a while missions dont work
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