Have you got fast fingers? Use them to get into the 100m sprint in the Olympics


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Description:  Briliant game, where you are a gladiator and compete in trials. With the money you win from battles, buy upgraded armour and weapons from Konrei the weapons trader. Put your spare weapons in the chest or even pay for a haircut! The best thing about this game is the Save game ability, so you can come back to it later.
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I aint even played it yet, but it looks cool
Busta nut
Whats the max battle on this game? I got to 23 before i gave up. Real easy if you save money from start then buy the 100 atk axe and just jump atk. Your invincible pretty much.
Love this game! Though the battles get nice and tricky, not like other games where it is easy to win.
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