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Game Information
Description:  The whole game is designed to look like a doodle on some lined paper. You are a stickman armed with a sword and have to battle the evil erasers and other enemies to complete the game. Look at the controls in game to see each ones weakness, really helped me! Keep an eye on your stamina as if it gets too low, the doodle wont be able to attack!
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i wish it was longer. and the star thingys dnt actually do anything lol
i loved it, and i beat it. i want to play it again :D
0.0 CrAZzY
Pretty cool.....and funny!...8/10 =.=
This Game Is Cool (:
The muffin
Cool man, cool
uh hi
Name: J DAWG Comment: this game is awesome!!! Name: DANA Comment: i dont lik3 th3 gam3 coz on th3s3cond round you cant g3t on th3 lin3 Name: Aaron adm Comment: this game bombs Name: i forgot Comment: i like this game Name: kevin Comment: hey i gave it a 10 man that was a good game Name: lol-man Comment: man i like the game. 10/10 Name: somedude Comment: why does this game have such a bad rating i think its cool Name:
uh hi
this game far
this game is awesome!!!
i dont lik3 th3 gam3 coz on th3s3cond round you cant g3t on th3 lin3
Aaron adm
this game bombs
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