Best Zombie flash game I have EVER played. Warning: Contains Violence PG 13 :P

One Shot

One Shot
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:   Your name is Perfect, you are an assassin, who completes every mission with a single shot. Guess what I am going to say next?? Try not to miss…who would have thought. Anyway, if you do, its Game Over. Think outside the box on some levels. The little picture I took of the game gives a major clue for one of the levels, its the barbeque one I think :P
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this my first time playing wish me luckl:)
how do u beat the college one i shoot em all but one guy just pops up
omg i love this game
i have been trying to play but its not letting me :o
i always get gamejacket not responding =[
for construction one you hit the rope to the metal thingy
that was easy
jose villagrana
this game is alright tha next game better b better with more harder levels
shoot the rope on the constuction lvl
how to get past the construstion level one
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