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Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch
Recommended because some games have had to have their dimensions changed to fit on this site but in the new window
the games original dimentions are preserved.

Game Information
Description:  Launch your hedgehog into space in as few days as possible. Earn money by bouncing off platforms and hitting coins to buy upgrades. The higher and longer you go the more cash bonus you will get! Use the arrow keys to fire your rockets to move left and right, and upgrade so you can get booster rockets to shoot even higher. I can get to space in 15 days, see if you can beat me. Took some practice.
Weekly Hits: 2790 Total Hits: 18855
Size: 4581 KB
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HA!!! only 9 days!!!! beat that!!!
did it in 12 days :P $65,278 in one hit :P all time high for me :P good game :D
i have 80k on it
95000 IN ONE GO!!!! OVER 2 MINUTES, 4000FT AND 185$!!!
Best flash game i\'ve ever played ;D
WOW, This is a pretty cool game. I beat it in 4 days with $135,000
woo, 5 days Just get your elastic almost fully upgraded and your launcher height fully upgraded and you\'ll go to space without needing anything else
ultimate hedgog launcher
on my very first try of this game i launched the hedgog into space in 14 days beat that coz its totally true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got $25,334.12
AHAHAHA, brilliant, love it got my headgehog to space and the animation after that is so funny!
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